Hi everyone…thanks for your wishes for better health in response to my not feeling well as of late. They must be working! Nearly four days without a headache and I feel full of energy. Thank you.

Many of you have been asking about the ‘end’ of the story that I started as a mini-novella blog style. I WILL continue that this week and will share with you the ‘end’ or rather the ‘beginning’ of the big story! Stay tuned.

My focus this week is finalizing the renovations on my website to make it more beneficial to you, and to solidify the new work that is streaming in from Spirit. If I had an ‘under construction’ sign for my blog, I would hang one.

And, yet, my body is always the peacekeeper and it tells me loud and clear when I am out of balance and in need of rest or self-reflection. I have received that in spades with this virus thing and then the headaches, and I am also in a place of tenderly loving my body more as an instrument of divine love…something I am not sure I have ever experienced before now.

Only on reflection can I see what I know now.

Last week, Mark and I were driving home one afternoon and a drizzle spewed over the four-lane highway between McKinney and Plano. Here, in Texas, we have a lot of oil on our highways so when it rains, the oil is not a big deal, but when it drizzles, the oil becomes a hazard to drivers. As we drove home, I saw this little silver Scion style car darting in and out of cars and sliding in between two 18-wheelers at a high speed with hardly any room between the two (and, since my grandpa was a truck driver, I also know these big trucks can’t stop very fast). I watched in horror for nearly 10 minutes as the driver risked life and limb while not even getting that far ahead! The car literally looked like a bullet barreling down the interstate.

I felt immediately that I was in this place for a reason and the first thing I asked is, “How am I like that car and the driver?” My ‘old’ tendencies had come back with the surplus of energy I felt in my body. My type-A, get it done, move, move, move personality had swooped in, and like the driver in the car, I was darting in and out at a hazardous pace putting my body, mind and spirit into jeopardy.

The virus only slowed me down moderately, after that the headaches came one after another with scorching pain. I recognized my pattern, but kept going!

So, here I am a week later, headache free and back in my Presence, thankful for all I have learned and am still learning. Realizing that energy is a gift that must be respected.

Life’s message to me? Slow down, health and safety first, you’ll arrive precisely right on time (like all magic people do)!