I’ve continued to revel in the bliss I’m bathed in since this trip. I find myself in a dreamy state of knowing all is well. It feels too good to be true sometimes, and then I talk to one of our clients who is also experiencing the bliss and I’m reminded we are always together… never apart.

When I woke the next morning, Abby and I talked about whether or not we wanted to go to her weekly networking event called ABRA. I felt a definite “Yes” and so we quickly got ourselves ready and flew out the door to the meeting.

The group was a gift itself. These heart-centered people had such open ideas about what it means to truly serve through business, and I got to see the world’s largest pancakes – who says everything in Texas is bigger?

From there, we went to lunch at Claire’s on Cedros. What a quaint little cafe… the food was so yummy. While we were there, I noticed this very odd sensation. This band of energy felt as if it was permeating the entire restaurant. I looked over at Abby and she still looked the same, but everyone else in the restaurant looked different.

I continued to tune into this energy and felt strands of light come from across the room where a man was sitting by himself. He looked over at me and we stared at each other for what felt like eons. I felt moved to go say hi to him, but I quickly retreated to my mind and wondered, “What on earth would I say to him?” I continued enjoying the luminous energy I felt between us, and then turned my attention back to the other feeling in the room. All at once, everything felt real and not real at the same time. The people seemed real and not real at the same time.

I had no idea what to do with this ‘noticing,’ but asked Abby if she felt it. She said no. I tried to explain what I felt, but it didn’t make any sense so I let it go.

Little did I know that the energy would come back many more times over the next few days.

Look for Part Tres in a few days! :)