For all of you who are stateside, Happy Memorial Day!

Nana gave me an ad for a sweepstakes Hershey is holding for girlfriends to getaway to Hershey, Pennsylvania for a spa getaway. Wanted you to be in on the goodies.

Go to to sign up every day until June 15, to win. The Hershey sweepstakes will take you and three girlfriends to The Hotel Hershey for two nights and you can get pampered and spa-ed. Smile

This sweepstakes reminds me of a great book by Pam Grout, called The Girlfriend Getaway Guide: You Go Girl! and I’ll Go, Too I have given this book as a gift to really good girlfriends, and I love it, they love it and it is a truly inspiring guide to having a great time in life – traveling and otherwise! I may have even blogged about it over the years before. I love Pam’s spunky energy and her can-do attitude.

I’m hoping she’ll be on my show… she has some other AMAZING books, including God Doesn’t Have Bad Hair Days (one of my all-time faves, right up there with Henriette Anne Klauser’s Write It Down Make it Happen), and Living Big: Embrace Your Passion and Leap into an Extraordinary Life. I just went to look up the links for this post, and on the God Doesn’t Have Bad Hair Days Amazon page, there was ANOTHER one of my favorite people reviewing Pam’s book! What a small world… Victoria Moran is such a beautiful soul. I remember reading her book, Creating a Charmed Life more than a decade ago.

In many ways, my ‘best’ girlfriends have been authors I have treasured and felt were talking right to me and straight into my heart. What a wonderful experience to blog and walk down memory lane!

Some of my best memories have come from being with girlfriends just going and blowing and having a great time. A full-day adventure travel day to a nearby city is always fun and a good ‘fix’ if you don’t have the time to get away for a full weekend. I’m amazed at how many events are going on every single weekend in every city within a couple of hours of here. Scout it out, grab a friend and go!

Pam Grout The Girlfriend Getaway Guide

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