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Queen of Dreams Radio Show

Ask Mark and Tina Ferguson Anything

Hi everyone. Tonights show is open mic night at the Queen of Dreams. Mark and I will be co-hosting together, so bring any and all of your questions. No topic is off limits. Whether your question is about intuition, your biz, your concerns, your dreams, whatever it is, bring them [...]

Pucker Up Impressions with Guest Host Kathryn

Get up close and personal as Pucker up Impressions founder and the world's original lip reader, Kathryn Nordstrom, reads Tina's, Mark's and Chance's lips. What do your lips say about you?

Intuitive Life with The Queen of Dreams and Guest Host Dane Short

Meridane Design is a family owned business that was created when Sally Short serendipitously superimposed each letter of the phrase รข??LOVE IS ALL U NEED' on top of one another and then added a peace sign to complete the design.

How to Generate More Aha! Moments with Guest Host Dianna Amorde

Dianna Amorde is an Architect of Aha! Moments and author of Aha! Moments: When Intellect and Intuition Collide, How to Make Better Decisions Using the Power of Aha! Moments. Ms. Amorde inspires and coaches people to use all their inner resources to generate brilliant ideas, achieve creative breakthroughs and [...]

Living In The Flow

Living in the Flow with Tina Ferguson, a.k.a. The Queen of Dreams